Making Movements- Topic 2 Reflection

Time to apply;

This week I really put in the effort to apply myself to the course and blog creation, I pushed myself out of my comfort zone by making a YouTube video, and improved my current knowledge by using different sites to create info-graphics!

But did I achieve what I set out to do from the last blogs reflection?

important tasks

I achieved all the things I wanted to from my previous reflection, and it has definitely improved my blog, as the evidence suggests;

Statistics of my most recent posts; this weeks being the most viewed.

What Have I Learned This Week?

As always, a lot of the learning I make on each topic comes from the discussions I have with my peers, however this week, I made the effort to try and discuss the topic with even more peers, this week having a discussion with 5 bloggers through my comments and their own.

I had a discussion with Natalie, and Sam
I made a comment on Bivash’s blog,

I also had some amazing discussions on my own blog post with Will, Chloe and Tewsdae.

making the worlda better place

From reading other peoples blogs such as Chloe’s, I was able to gain a more in depth understanding of how to not get caught by potential fake news articles and sources (

And Lakshay expressed the importance of fact checking to fight fake news.


To Conclude

This week I have learnt how rapidly fake news is able to travel via social media (Fox, 2018) And how potentially dangerous it can be to not only older generations, but also to young children where as Older Children have seemed to wise up to it


Word Count: 287





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