Reflecting on my Identity, or Both of Them?

The Influence of Others

I found the topic this week really interesting, I especially enjoyed reading other peoples blogs as I quickly came to realise that everyone was approaching the topic differently.

Where as I focused on the difference between self presentation and self promotion (Dijck (2013), and the positives and negatives of multiple and single identities.

Others focused on specific advantages and disadvantages of single and multiple identities and how it affects them such as identity theft (Jones, 2017).  Such as Tom who described changes he made on his own social medias after reflecting on the topic. Because of this I have reflected on my identity across multiple platforms could be affected by identity fraud.

important tasks (1)
Farrell (2018) Using Canva

Self-Presentation vs Self-Professionalism, and Dijck (2013) theory on the difference between Facebook and LinkedIn not as simple as it seems?

Whilst reading both Chloe’s and Carl’s blog this week, who also discussed the divide of self-presentation and self-promotion of multiple identities, it became clear that the division was not as separate as made out to be.

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Farrell (2018) Using Canva 


Reflecting on My Post as a Whole

A lot of things became clear this week that I would certainly do differently next time:

Firstly, I posted my blog to early. Whilst trying to get all my work done on time and staying organised, I finished this blog before most, and ended up being one of the first on the homepage. This meant that very few people in comparison to last time:


And actually meant I did not have one single comment on my blog!

I also on this occasion made a video through Biteable instead of Powtoon, having done so I have realised I definitely prefer the interface of Powtoon, and didn’t realise till to late but struggled with embedding the video in to my most recent blog!

Word Count: 297





Jones, R. (2017). Identity fraud reaching new levels. [online] the Guardian. Available at: [accessed 29 Apr. 2017].

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van Dijck, J. (2013). ‘You have one identity’: performing the self on Facebook and LinkedIn. Media, Culture & Society, 35(2), pp.199-215.


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