The (developed) World Wide Web.

Shocking, isn’t it?

This week has been a very significant week for me, not only have I learnt a lot about a subject I was completely unaware of, through reading through other peoples blogs, and their comments on mine, I believe that I can significantly improve my blogs in the upcoming weeks.

How I am going to improve next week:


When reading other peoples blogs this week, I noticed these three things were lacking in mine. Whilst reading Chloe’s blog, I noticed that the blog ran very fluently because of the subheadings, and I always knew where I was in the blog. Whereas whilst reading Lakshay’s blog I was impressed with the graphics he used to accompany his literature.

03 Further Research:

I’m going to separate number 3 from the rest, because massive amounts of the learning I did this week, did not come from revising the literature to create my blog, it came from the comments made on my blog, and those I made on others.

Although through my research I was completely aware of the inequality based around other countries, I was completely unaware of what was happening in our own country. A point made by Joanna, who linked this: to explain how disability was massively limiting internet access.

Whilst myself and Yusrah discussed how could policies in the UK be used elsewhere?

And other methods that could be used:


I then used these topics to base my comments on other peoples blogs. Myself and Yakshay discussed how UK strategies could be implemented in India, and strategies they were already using, called The Digital India Strategy I was not aware of before.

Where as me and Chloe discussed different forms of inequality in the UK, including disability as what charities have been created to fight against the inequality.

Word count 299




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